Myles J. Robinson

Donor, Volunteer, and Tar Heel in Atlanta

Myles J. Robinson

Donor, Volunteer, and Tar Heel in Atlanta

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Hi, my name is Myles, and I am a Tar Heel. Thank you for visiting my site.

My "why” is my heart for humanity. I believe when we show up for ourselves, and for others, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

My joy intersects in three lanes: the Bible, business, and basketball.

With over 8 years of experience in sales, hospitality management, and marketing, I have a passion for building and nurturing strategic relationships that foster mutual growth and value. My impact journey has taken me across the world in various philanthropic, ministerial, and organizational leadership roles.

For leisure, I enjoy training for my first marathon, playing pick-up basketball, and traveling to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

I would love to meet you! Say hello on the form below or text me: (205) 427-7086.



• 3w2

Emotional Intelligence Appraisal® Score:
• 79/100

Working Genius:
• Enablement
• Wonder

• Individualization
• Responsibility
• Learner
• Harmony
• Input

  • Work
    • Inspire Leadership Network
  • Education
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • Vestavia Hills High School
Myles is a driven and determined leader. He wants YOU to succeed. He wants to make things happen. He wants to make this world better. #connector
Deborah Stroman, Ph.D. CLU, Professor, UNC and UVA
Myles Robinson epitomizes the confluence of ambition and innovation while maintaining a personal vision for helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Ever since meeting Myles [June 2013], I could tell he had an appetite for excellence. A brilliant sports business marketer and analyst, Myles is destined for greatness. Without a doubt, this rising star will make it to the very top in sports business. I enthusiastically recommend Myles & am happy to call him my colleague as well as my friend.
Chris Stathos, Director, Partnership Development, Kansas City Chiefs
Myles was a very professional and mature (way beyond his years) financial analyst intern in the summer of 2012…His inquisitive nature made him a valuable asset during his internship. Being one of the best interns we have had, I would highly recommend Myles to any future position.
Travis Ferguson, Chief Financial Officer at Charlotte Hornets
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